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- Comprehensive Eye Examinations: An eye exam consists of more than just checking to see if you need glasses. Dr. Starkman will not only determine your prescription for glasses or contact lenses, but he will also assess your eyes’ ability to work together as a team (binocular vision), check for common eye diseases, and evaluate your overall health. Children should be checked for visual development, and adults should have regular eye exams to keep prescriptions current and to check for early signs of eye diseases, which when caught early, may prevent vision loss. During your complete eye exam, you may be dilated to allow us to properly assess the health of your eyes. If you feel unsafe driving after being dilated, please arrange for someone to drive you home from our office or let the doctor know that you would prefer having that test done at another time.

- Children's Examinations: Isn’t it strange that we spend so much time having our children’s health evaluated regularly; we have them vaccinated, and we check their teeth a soon as they develop. Yet very few children have their eyes examined prior to starting kindergarten. Children learn most of what they know through their eyes and have special demands on their vision from school work and video games. So their eyes need the clarity and skill to help them learn. Your child’s vision should first be evaluated before they begin going to school. There is more to good vision than 20/20. Dr. Starkman evaluates visual development and visual skills to verify that your child is performing his or her best. At the same time, he determines that the eyes are healthy and free of disease. Isn’t that the kind of care you want for your child?

- Treatment of Eye Pain, Infections and Injuries: Most of the time your eyes feel fine. But there can be days when you wake up and find that something is wrong with your eyes. Whether you are experiencing eye pain or have sustained an eye injury, you can count on Dr. Starkman to be there for you. He maintains a 24 hour on-call for eye emergencies. When you need immediate attention getting an appointment is easy because some problems cannot wait.

- Contact Lenses of Every Imaginable Type: Dr. Starkman has over 25 years of contact lens experience. As a former member of the American Optometric Association’s Contact Lens Section, and recipient of contact lens certification by the National Eye Research Foundation, he has broad knowledge of contact lens fitting. He fits contacts for routine purposes or specialty lenses. So whether you need soft or gas permeable contacts for any wearing schedule you can think of, Dr. Starkman is the ideal choice for your contact lens needs. He fits single vision, bifocal, multifocal, monovision, daily or extended wear, planned replacement contact lenses; lenses for healthy eyes or even special lenses for eyes that are not.

- On-Site Optical Lab for Fast Service: At Eyecare Plus we have our own on-site optical laboratory. This insures fast and accurate service of your eyeglass orders. Using the latest automated optical laboratory equipment we can complete most work in as little as 24 hours, and even faster for urgent orders. We carry the finest optical materials available such as CR-39 lenses, polycarbonate, Trivex, High Index, and Ultrathin materials, as well as Polarized lenses, Transition lenses, and Sunsensors. We also carry brand name progressive lenses from the finest manufacturers such as Varilux, Kodak, Seiko, and Zeiss.

- Fashion Eyewear: Besides our unique collection of fashion frames, the most important reason you would want to get your eyewear from us is because we make the best fashion and technical frame fitting recommendations. Our experience in fitting frames and recommending the best type of lens for your prescription in unmatched anywhere. While most optical outlets have a selection of a few hundred different frames on display in several colors, at Eyecare Plus we have a diverse collection of nearly 1000 different frame styles to choose from. We also carry a variety of brand name and boutique collections including: D&G, LaFont, YSL, Valentino, Nike, Nine West, Juicy Couture, Diesel, OGI, and Fysh to name a few. All this means that you can expect personal attention and quality materials for your eyeglasses.

- Evaluation of Cataracts: Dr. Starkman does not provide surgical care, so he is in a unique position to objectively recommend his patients when cataract surgery is advisable. He has had the opportunity to observe the surgical techniques of many local cataract surgeons, but he only works with the finest cataract surgeons in our geographic area. You can rely on him for honest referrals to surgeons he has recommended to his own family and friends. He also provides second opinions.

- Treatment & Management of Glaucoma: Glaucoma afflicts most people without exhibiting any overt symptoms util late in the course of the disease. That is why it is so important for every adult to be checked for glaucoma every year. Early detection is the key to preventing blindness from this sight-robbing disorder. Dr, Starkman has successfully treated and managed patients with glaucoma in his practice, and understands the importance of early detection and follow up care.

- Retinal Examination and Evaluation: Some conditions are hidden from view inside the eye. For example, diabetics may have bleeding inside the eye and be unaware of this harmful condition. Many other retinal disorders can be signs of either eye disease, systemic problems, or even neurological conditions affecting the brain. That is why Dr. Starkman regularly checks the retinas of his patients using eye drops to dilate the pupils which allow thorough inspection of the retinas for eye disease as well as systemic conditions that might show their earliest signs in the retina.

- Evaluation of Macular Degeneration: Macular degeneration is now a treatable condition. This disorder causes loss of only the central (straight ahead) portion of vision, reducing visual acuity to 20/200 or less, but leaving the peripheral (side) vision intact. It is a disruptive condition, but with treatment, patients can recover much of the loss in some cases. Dr. Starkman checks for macular degeneration when inspecting the retinas. Dr. Starkman works with some of the finest retinologists in Bergen county, and coordinates the care of his patients with these highly qualified specialists.

- Laser & Photographic Retinal Imaging: Some eye conditions involve structural anomalies of the optic nerve, and need careful monitoring for obvious or even microscopic changes. At Eyecare Plus we have some of the most up to date diagnostic imaging devices available anywhere. When indicated, Dr. Starkman may recommend additional tests to monitor the long term risks of developing conditions which could be harmful to the optic nerves.

- Diagnostic Visual Field Testing: In addition to the potential structural changes that some patients might encounter, there may also be “functional” risks to a person’s vision that could require evaluation and monitoring. These could include subtle weakening of the retinal receptors over long periods of time which could result in a loss of visual filed, or sectors of the field of vision. By periodically testing these select patients, Dr. Starkman can determine if there is a weakening of the retinal receptors and potentially save a person’s eyesight.

- Vision Rehabilitation Services for the Visually Impaired: Some patients have pre-existing or chronic sight dampening conditions. These individuals possess some vision, but may have severely reduced visual acuities (less than 20/200) or restricted fields of vision. Because Dr. Starkman has been trained at the Feinbloom Center for Visual Rehabilitation in Philadelphia, he understands the needs of the partially sighted, and offers services which can improve their visual function. Through the use of specially adapted magnification systems and non-optical aids prescribed by Dr. Starkman the partially sighted, or “low vision” patients can improve the quality of their lives.

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