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Q. How do I set up/change/cancel an appointment?

A. To make or change an appointment you can call during office hours or leave message after hours along with your telephone number and the day and time of the appoinment you would like. We will call you back on the next regular business day to confirm the day and time that you have selected. Because we do not double-book our patients, please allow us 24 hours advanced notice in the case of changing or cancelling your appointment so that we can offer that time slot to another patient.

Q. How do I get to the office?

A. It is easiest to go to the map link at the upper right of this page for specific directions from your area. We are located in the heart of Cliffside Park diagonally across from the Hudson City Savings Bank.

Q. Do I have to pay for my visit at the time of my appointment?

A. Yes. Payment is expected at the time of service. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. If you will be purchasing glasses or contact lenses at the time of your visit and are unable to pay for the entire bill, we will accept a 50% deposit on any materials. In special cases other payment arrangements may be available if you speak to the doctor in advance.

Q. Do you accept my insurance?

A. We accept most major insurance plans, unions, Medicare, and third party eyeglass discount plans. Even if you do not see us listed on your plan roster we may still be on the panel. Please feel free to check with Diane, our office insurance expert, to determine eligibility and coverage for your plan. We are not a Medicaid provider. Some of the plans we accept include: Aetna, United Healthe, Oxford, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, EyeMed, and others. Pleae check with our office to be certain about coverage under your plan.

Q. How much is my co-pay?

A. It usually depends on the insurance plan that you belong to. You may want to check your insurance card or call the company directly for specific information about your coverage plan.

Q. My plan does not have eyeglass coverage. Can I still get an examination?

A. While many plans do not have vision benefits, all major medical plans cover medical eye care, which means that if you have a condition that may affect the health of the eye, it would likely be covered by your plan just as a medical visit to your family physician would. This coverage may be subject to additional fees for refractive services which are not covered but may be performed on the same day. Please call Diane at our office to discuss your specific coverage.

Q. How can I get a prescription filled?

A. According to FTC regulations you are free to fill your eyeglass or contact lens prescription at the provider of your choice, and a prescription will gladly be provided for you. Of course we recommend that you complete your entire service experience at our office. This insures that your eyeglasses are produced under our direct supervision, that you will receive the best materials and lens designs for your prescription. Also, should you have any difficulty adjusting to your prescription, we will be in a position to address all of your concerns without having to shuttle you back to another provider to sort out the issue.

Q. Aren’t contact lenses cheaper online? Why should I purchase contacts at Eyecare Plus?

A. Our contact lens prices are very competitive. We regularly survey our online competitors to make certain that you pay a fair price for all of the lenses we prescribe. Should you find that your lenses do not wear properly, tear excessively, or if you need an emergency pair on short notice, we are here for all of your needs. Our contact lens patients (who purchase from our office) are also provided with a mid-year contact lens follow up visit at no cost. Plus, when you consider all of the added value of getting your contact lenses from us instead of a faceless internet company the choice is obvious.

All our contact lenses come to us directly from the manufacturer or their authorized local distributors insuring that they have the longest expiration period. Why would anyone want to go anywhere else?

Q. What do I do in an emergency or if I have a problem after hours?

A. In case of a serious eye emergency got to your local emergency room. But if you wake up with a sore or painful eye – call us! Dr. Starkman is almost always on call for eye emergencies. Should you find yourself unable to reach him for some reason you may call his covering doctors at Omni Eye Services. They can be reached at 201-368-2444 24-7.

Eyecare Plus, Dr. Steven D. Starkman, 677 Anderson Avenue, Cliffside Park 07010. Telephone: 201-941-3937